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Field Trial Results 2021-2022

Open AV Spaniel (excluding Spaniel Cocker 15th December)

Today we held our last trial with an Open Av (excluding cocker) held at Checkley Wood shoot, hosted my Ivor Bevis. We had a full card and it was great to see everyone. Even a father and son competing against each other. A few competitors travelling a great distance, showing commitment to our sport.

We had Nick Bevis keepering the day for us and we had a good supply of birds for the day. The ground as good as ever for trialling.

Our judges were Eric Elwick and Andy Bennett who did a splendid job of picking 1st to 4th and COMS.

Just to also say thank you our sponsors, wuffitmix, sporting Saint, ACME Whistles and BASC

Our guns shot excellently today, providing ample retrieves for all. Well done Ian Ross, Marcus Paul, leigh Paul and john Williams.
My merry band of helpers I thank you so much. I organise the day and then you just take your po
sitions and run the day for me. Julia Bott, Jane Burton, Heather Clarke, Dennis. Garry and David . Fab team work.
Now to the results
1st Rytex Rupture - Kevin Richardson
2nd Brocklinton Betty - Billy Sankey
3rd Betleycourt Holly - David Ross
4th Corner Marsh Flout Moor Girl - Nathan Laffy ran by Ryan Tomlinson
David Ross - Reanlougha Grace of Betleycourt
Kevin Richardson -ftch Willowspaul Whizz
Derek Lee/Will Clulee- Poolgreen Jose
Alan Sankey - Brocklinton Lenny
Will Clulee- Corner Marsh Honey of Poolgreen
A great end to a fabulous season.
Hope to see you all next year. Keep an eye open for updates on Fb and our website.
From all at UGBA. Have a great Xmas and lovely New Year

Open Cocker Spaniel at Cubley 29th November

Our hosts were Mr D Legh owner of the estate and game keeper Mr Shane Wood. Judges for the day were Mr Geoff Devine Jones and Mr Barry Faley. Guns David Ross, his father Ian Ross, Chris Cadman and Graham Burton. All excellent shots.

The ground was covered with snow and with the leaf now gone the wood also covered, providing excellent cover for the birds, which there were plenty of. 1st competitor in and within 20 yards, bang and retrieve, and this is how it continued throughout the trial.

I would like to say thank you to our sponsors Wuffitmix, Holly in attendance, Sporting Saint, ACME whistles, and BASC. So generous with their gifts.

Also thank you to my merry band of helpers. Jane, Julia, Heather, Garry, David and extra help with Holly and Mr Gainey. Also a big thank you to Kim Jones for her excellent and yummy food, which was much appreciated after a freezing day.

1st and Keepers Choice. Howesyke Regal of Moonreed. Trisha Healy
2nd. Jacqui Camera Carsoncroft
Mark Ball
3rd & Guns choice. Lowallin Lorcan
Tom Phillips
4th. Cwmceiliog Skid of Monagea
John Sexton
Again a big thank you for an excellent ground, excellent keeper, excellent judges, dead eye dick guns, sponsors and helpers.

Donna. FTS

Novice AV Spaniel 17th November

Today saw us have our Novice Av for 16 spaniels.The venue was Checkley Wood Shoot, Checkley.
Hosted by Mr I Bevis

Our judges were Mr Nick Powell and Mr Jaison Toon.

We had a full card of 16 dogs. Some on their very first trial. The leaf was quite heavy making it a challenging shoot for our team of four guns , David Ross, Graham Burton, Marcus Paul and John Williams. But they did a great job and provided enough retrives for the trial.

The ground was fab as always, great for spaniels. Lots of light bramble and woodland cover. Judges did a great job and commented at the end of the quality of the dogs running. A great compliment to the handlers.

We would like to thank our sponsors, wuffitmix, sporting Saint, acme whistles and BASC who provided great awards.

Again thank you to my merry band of helpers who I couldnt do without.

Now for the results.
1st - Rytex Rupture (Chinachgook Roberto x Rytex Riggle) - Kev Richardson
2nd - Julzcrackers Moana - Julie Cracknell
3rd - Hasekill Lad - Stuart Lee
4th - Dancing Star Kitty - Joss Read
Echobay Henry - Nathan Laffy
Rytex Rommulus of Gallifield - David Gallimore
Cressett Vera - Neil Davies
Fuselea Happy - Andy Parker

Guns choice: Halaze Woodcock of Marshkeeper - a Fletcher

Well done to all that entered and congratulations to all the awards.

Novice Cocker Spaniel on 1st November at Cubley

Today saw us run our first spaniel trial of the season. Novice 16 dog cocker stake at Cubley Estate. Hosted by Shane Wood and Mr David Legh. Our judges for the day were Geoff Devine-Jones and Kevin Richardson. Guns were David and Ian Ross, Graham Burton and Chris Cadman.

1st. Paul Seaman with Heathcroft Charles at Pixiefen
2nd Mark Phelan with Danerw Dipper
3rd Eli May Ball with Gagglebrook Blue lagoon of Carsoncroft
4th David Jennings with Mallowdale Yapper and awarded Keepers Choice

Mark Hastelow with Balderlowe Gunner
Terry Carrick with Gwynedd of the Glade at Bullbrond

John Robertson with Wolferton Ashton and awarded Guns Choice

Thank you to our sponsors Wuffitmix, Sporting Saint, BASC and ACME Whistles. We had the pleasure of Holly from Wuffitmix with us.

Open AV Retriever Trial 4th October

We held our only Retriever Trial on Monday 4th October being an Open Qualifier. Held at Six Ashes, Bridgnorth, Shropshire by kind invitation of M G Walker and Sons. Judges were Mr J Bettinson, M Bettinson, G D Evans and G Caldwell. Steward of the Beat was Paul Brant and Chief Steward Mr Mike Bradbury.

We all met for 9.15 and walked the short distance to start the trial. The weather was kind to us throughout the day. The game mainly comprised of duck and a few pheasants. The guns shot marvelously and provided plenty for the 12 dogs to retrieve.
The day finished with 4 dogs left. Results being as follows:

1st Stauntonvale lemon Posset - Mrs L Hill - making up to Ftch
2nd Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham - David Lisett
3rd Tagabea Loganberry - Mr Barry Taylor
4th Brindlebay Rum - Paul Jukes
Guns choice - Stauntonvale Lemon Posset - Mrs L Hill.

We would also like to say a big thank you to our sponsors who have been more than generous.
Wuffit Mix for their bags of dog food, storage boxes, hats, and goody bags.
Sporting Saint for their goody bags of dummy’s, lanyards etc.
Acme Whistles and BASC.

We are still wanting a Retriever Trial Secretary and if anyone is interested in the role please contact the club for further information.